Recycled Denim & Wool Rug.
Recycled Denim & Wool Area Rug.
Recycled Denim & Wool Rug.
RECYCLED DENIM & WOOL Rug, 120x180 160x230 190x290cm 5x8 8x10 Ecru/Blue Area Rug
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Recycled Denim & Wool Rug.
RECYCLED DENIM & WOOL Rug, 120x180 160x230 190x290cm 5x8 8x10 Ecru/Blue Area Rug

RECYCLED DENIM & WOOL Rug, 120x180 160x230 190x290cm 5x8 8x10 Ecru/Blue Area Rug

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This rug will complement modern decor with its design.  Recycled with love, this hand-woven rug in Recycled DENIM (100% Recycled JEANS) would be the perfect and mood uplifting rug to match.  Pair it conveniently with both colorful and neutral textiles and enjoy it for years to come.

This rug is - 100% RECYCLED JEANS - DENIM and therefore:
  • These Eco rugs are handwoven from recycled fabrics/ materials and therefore each rug is unique in Colour / Style / Texture.
  • Environmentally friendly due to the Recyclable nature of the materials.
  • Resistant to wear and tear (Hand Woven with the highest quality standards).
  • Intricately Hand Woven to bring you signature style and authenticity.
  • This Floor Rug is well suited for Indoor Use.

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*All products are delivered with The GoodWeave Label: The GoodWeave label means that no child, forced or bonded labor was used in the making of a certified product, and that your purchase supports programs that educate children and ensure decent work for adults.
**All products are produced with dedication at our factory accredited ISO 9001 : 2015 / ISO 14001 : 2015.

1. This Eco rug is handmade from recycled fabrics / materials.
2. Each rug is unique in colour/ style/ texture.
3. Deep colours may have a tendency to stain light surface especially if wet, please ensure dry usage and a rug underlay is recommended.
4. Light Vacuum clean regularly. Avoid using beater brush on rugs.
5. Remove spills immediately. Blot any liquid with a clean cloth or a paper napkin.
6. Please do not pull loose ends if any. Trim with scissors.
7. Please keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, open fire places and excess moisture.
8. Please do not soak the rug in any liquid.
9. For initial weeks, shedding of material fiber may be observed. This is normal, and will reduce with time & usage.
10. Colors may fade slightly when placed in areas of direct sunlight. In this case, it is advisable to periodically rotate your rug to ensure this process is even.

STORAGE:- Make sure the rug is clean and dry. Store in a ventilated, dry area. Do NOT fold. Roll the rug with front side in-wards.

* The Import Duties and VAT applied by the country of destination varies across the world and are not possible to be paid to the local Government remotely. In case applicable, these are charged as per local laws by the courier company directly to the consumer at the time of delivery. The cost of shipping/transport up to the destination is pre-paid to DHL/Fedex.